About Viroseal



Viroseal Pty Ltd is a fully owned family Australian company which manufactures products to service the Industrial and Commercial industries.

The raw materials used are sourced and we believe the best suited to manufacture a fully certified green star concrete and asphalt sealer that remains sensitive to the natural enviroment but still out performs solvent based sealers. 

Viroseal is an innovative Green Star Certified aliphatic urethane penetrating sealant, which meets the Green Building Council of Australia‚Äôs requirements and is extremely environmentally friendly.  Viroseal is a well known product of high value in the Australian concrete floor sealing market.  Its water based, low VOC technology and performance characteristics, including wear resistance and oil resistance all make it a popular and attractive product for the sealing of multi level carparks and industrial/commercial floors.


Viroseal does not reject adhesion of bonding materials such as line marking paints.